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Founder, CEO 

His career can be described as an "integrated" journey of professional, social, and entrepreneurial experiences. His background in public relations, journalism, music/entertainment, technology, and brand management have allowed him the opportunity to experience the world in his own funny way. 

He’s spoken everywhere from Harvard to Capitol Hill bringing fresh perspectives to platforms like ESPN/TheUndefeated, Vh1|MTV, CNN, Forbes, MSNBC, Black Enterprise (B.E.) Aaron wanted an opportunity to showcase more of himself and in 2014, he joined Kiss104.1 FM's afternoon drive time/morning, where, on-air, he mixed his own brand of intelligence and ignorance.


In 2020, Aaron put his writing and voice to the test again, enrolling in Humor & Comedy writing classes at Emory University. A month after re- ceiving his certificate, he landed a spot as a political satire writer for a digi- tal platform on PBS. Aaron’s goal - to make his wife love him forever by be- coming one of the most successful comedy writers in the history of the Ga- lactic Universe.

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